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I don’t know what my student email address is?

hello my name is...

Each student at CUSD receives a Google account with an email address. 
What is my student email address?
Your student email address ends in                      ''
For example: John Smith would have the following email :


First initial, Last initial,student ID, 

image of computer

What's my password?
Your birthday-entered 2 digits each for the year, month, and day (yymmdd).
May 15, 2006 would be : 060515 
yy=06  mm=05  dd=15

image of a $password$

'How do I change my password to something more secure?'
On your Chromebook go to:
or click below:

To go to
Below is a helpful link :

Are you a student, parent, or community member? Keep in touch with us: