Leadership Adviser: Avery Brown

The goals of Fair View Leadership are to build community among students, to improve the school climate by making Fair View a happy and safe environment for all, and to improve the public image/perception of our school.


Work Permit


Most California employers are governed not only by State and Federal child labor laws but also by the child labor provisions of the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). FLSA sets basic minimum ages of 16 for general employment and persons younger than 16 are allowed to work only in limited, specified occupations. Employers of minors required to attend school must have a "Request for Work Permit and Statement of Intent to Employ Minor" (Form B1-1) on file with the school of attendance for each minor and must themselves have on file for each minor a "Permit to Employ and Work" (Form B1-4). When Fair View High School issues a work permit, it is with the understanding that it may be restricted or revoked. Employed students are expected to pass all classes, have regular attendance and punctuality to all classes, and maintain a 2.0 or higher grade point average.

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Youth Employment and Volunteer Program

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Job Fair - 
Must apply for Job Fair and have all documents before participating. Contact Mrs. Anderson (Ms. A) for further information. 530-570-4365 or fanderson@chicousd.org
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